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Paleri Management Consultants


Paleri Management Consultant is a professional consultancy firm based in Kochi providing whole gamut of management consultancy services. We help corporates and organisation to streamline their business performance with respect to profitability, better financial helath, market reach, better control over business, consumer insight etc.. We work with CEOs and top management to achieve the optimum business performance. Market Research Companies In Kochi,Market Research Companies In Ernakulam, Market Research Companies In Kerala,Market Research Agencies In Kochi, Market Research Agencies In Ernakulam, Market Research Agencies In Kerala, Market Survey Companies In Kochi, Market Survey Companies In Ernakulam, Market Survey Companies In Kerala, Market Survey Agencies In Kochi, Market Survey Agencies In Ernakulam, Market Survey Agencies In Kerala, Project Feasibility Study Agencies In Kochi, Project Feasibility Study Agencies In Ernakulam, Project Feasibility Study Agency In Kerala, Project Feasibility Study Companies in Kochi, Project Feasibility Study Companies In Ernakulam, Project Feasibility Companies In Kerala, Business Planning In Kochi, Marketing Consultancy In Kochi

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Project Feasibility Study. Feasibility study answers those pertinent questions about the market’s longevity, its potential for growth and ultimately, its willingness to allow the new business to enter. After all, a solid business idea and approach has no chance of succeeding if the market itself is on a decline or if the conditions of the market aren’t conducive to the new business venture’s product offering or strategy.
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Marketing Consultancy
Marketing Consultancy INR 0 INR 0 Marketing strategy is a combined result of product, pricing, promotion and place. Marketing strategy services by us will enable businesses to face competition in the market place and achieve their desired market performance. We offer advisory services for developing and implementing strategies to expand existing markets and to enter new markets. With deep understanding of how various markets work, marketing strategies suggested by us are simple and customized to meet the requirement of the client. We provide services in following areas. 1. Market/Demand Analysis 2.Improving Market Intelligence 3. Entry/Growth Strategy 4. Increasing effectiveness/ competitiveness 5. Location selection 6.Crystallizing the business goal and marketing goal 7.Designing a marketing plan 8.Defining the marketing approach, key performing indexes and success factors 9.Defining a business differentiator 10.Identifying resources – team structure and staffing 11.Helping interview candidates and induct them 12.Finalizing (basis need) - Creative agency, PR agency, Digital Marketing agency, Media buying agency, Event agency, etc 13.Allocating budgets and monitoring returns 14.Defining monitoring mechanism 15.Conducting reviews True 1497440699
Business Plan & Model Development
Business Plan & Model Development INR 0 INR 0 Every venture should have a business plan. A business plan is the formal written expression of the entrepreneurial vision, describing the strategy and operations of the proposed venture. The advantages of developing a business plan far outweigh the costs. The purpose of the plan is to enable the top executives of the firm to think about their business in a comprehensive way, to communicate their objectives to individuals who may have a stake in the firm's future, to have a basis for making decisions, and to facilitate the planning process. We develop detail business plan for new and existing businesses for understanding various parameters of business. While preparing new business plan we consider following aspects Market : In this section we consider the existing market condition with respect pricing, trade policy demand for the product, government policy, quality of the product etc Finance: We develop detailed financial model for arriving at key financial indicators such as IRR, ROI and NPV to assess financial viability of the business. To develop financial model we examine the cost of operation , different pricing models, costing of product etc. Regulatory Requirement: We evaluate the regulatory requirement of the business too for smooth implementation and functioning of the venture. Man Power : We analyze the manpower requirement in terms of education, experience and skill. Raw material source: Success of any business is depends on identifying reliable source raw material . We identify raw material source for the production. Business Environment: Evaluating the impact of the environmental influences such as political, economic, technological, socio-demographic factors that affect your area of business. True 1497440796
Market Research And Analysis
Market Research And Analysis INR 0 INR 0 If your business requires market research, we provide the services. Market research keeps you informed about your business, market, the industry and the customers you are serving/ intend to serve. A market survey is an important requirement for initiating any successful business. The objective of a market survey is to collect information on various aspects of the business and provide insight into the market dynamics of the product / service / sector. Market survey is a tool through which businesses can identify target market, new markets, new products/services, new business opportunities. It reduces the risk of investing in any venture/ business risk. Market survey comprises of following aspects of the market 1. Consumer Research 2. Current market size of the product, 3. Potential size of the market, 4. Demand & supply 5. Pros and cons of the product in a particular location, 6. Product applications in various fields, 7. Competition (including product & services, market share, current customers, positioning and promotion strategies, partnerships/alliances/distributors etc) 8. Potential competitors 9. Market trends True 1497440392
Project Feasibility Study
Project Feasibility Study INR 0 INR 0 Feasibility study will include estimation of cost of production, working results, cash flow and balance sheet statement, depreciation, funding structure, interest, financial ratios, key financial indicators, implementation schedule, assumptions for that particular project. This report becomes the benchmark for the business for future prospects. The project report will contain following sections 1. Management / Organisation 2. Details of service/ product 3. Marketing 4. Competition 5. Details of raw materials 6. Manpower requirement 7. Operation/Production 8. Details of plant and machinery in case of production oriented units 9. Details of finance 10. Management / Organisation 11. Key financial indicators True 1497440551
Corporate Advisory Services
Corporate Advisory Services INR 0 INR 0 Management consulting services is a practice of helping organizations improve their performance through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. We do in depth analysis of current process to identify weak areas and bring a fresh perspective to the business process for plugging weak areas. While doing so we encourage internal discussion and constructive ideas to flow. Operational Planning Services: 1. Review Firm's Goals and Objectives 2. Business performance evaluation 3. Evaluate Organizational Structure 4. Resource optimization 5. Analyze Internal Operations 6. Assess Strengths and Weaknesses Financial Management Services: 1. Review/Develop Annual Budget 2. Analysis of Financial Statements 3. Implementing MIS reporting system 4. Implement Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Profit Planning Services: 1. Forecasting sales 2. Develop Annual Profit Plan 3. Prepare Break-Even Analysis 4. Cost modeling True 1497440867
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